How To Cure Colic: 7 Steps

There are many reasons for your stomach ache, but it might be silly to see your doctor just because of abdominal discomfort. Here are some ways to prevent nausea from stomach upset.

What should be eaten?

Cách để Chữa đau bụng: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Try to eat something. A simple, light snack can help soothe an upset stomach. You can try eating yogurt, plain crackers, or high-fiber foods. Avoid spicy foods, dairy products (except yogurt because yogurt is rich in probiotics) or foods with strong flavors.

Don’t force yourself when you don’t want to eat. Trying to eat will only make the situation worse.

Cách để Chữa đau bụng: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Drink something. Abdominal pain can be caused by dehydration. If you want, you can try drinking herbal tea instead of water. In addition, you should try drinking Gatorade water to supplement minerals to help soothe the stomach.

If you are vomiting or have diarrhea, staying hydrated is a very important step. Vomiting and diarrhea cause the body to lose water at an alarming rate and need rehydration as soon as possible.

If you don’t like drinking plain water or herbal tea, you can try drinking ginger or non-carbonated soda. Remember to drink non-carbonated soda.

Cách để Chữa đau bụng: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Adopt the BRAT diet. BRAT is a diet consisting of B anana (banana), R ice (rice), Applesauce (apple sauce) and T oast (toast). You can also incorporate other bland foods into the BRAT diet. For example, salty crackers, boiled potatoes or clear soup can be eaten. Do not eat dairy products or sweet, greasy foods right away because they will stimulate the feeling of nausea.

However, the BRAT diet may not be good for young children. Because this diet is low in fiber, protein, and fat, it can lead to deficiencies in the nutrients your child’s digestive tract needs to recover. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children eat a normal, balanced, age-appropriate diet within 24 hours of their illness. The diet can include a variety of vegetables, meat, yogurt, and complex carbohydrates.

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What to do?

Cách để Chữa đau bụng: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Go to the toilet. You can bring books to read and forget the pain. Unfortunately, you can only sit and wait for the pain to subside.

Cách để Chữa đau bụng: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Vomit. Sometimes the pain won’t go away until you throw up. Therefore, you need to prepare as soon as abdominal contractions begin. However, you should only vomit if the pain does not stop within 2-3 hours.

Although uncomfortable, it’s a good idea to keep a bucket or container close to you. That way, you can throw up in the bucket and not have to rush to the toilet.

See your doctor right away if you still have stomach pain 5-6 hours after vomiting a few times and eating something. Check your body temperature and watch for other symptoms.

Cách để Chữa đau bụng: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Rested. Nausea on the go is a separate issue. On the other hand, when you are sick, you should limit yourself because moving will not help. Instead, you should lie down for comfort. If you cannot lie down, you should limit movement as much as possible.

This step also applies to babies and young children. All ages when sick should limit travel when sick.

Cách để Chữa đau bụng: 7 Bước (kèm Ảnh) – wikiHow

Go to a doctor. Persistent abdominal pain could be a symptom of a more serious problem. See your doctor right away if nausea persists along with other symptoms such as pain, difficulty walking, and a rash.

Most abdominal pain goes away on its own within a few hours. However, if the pain persists, you need to pay attention to other symptoms. You should see a doctor if your abdominal pain is accompanied by other symptoms.

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