3 Ways To Look Cool With Braces

Everyone wants to look cool and charming, but braces can be embarrassing. Don’t let braces change your image! Braces will do their job, and you’ll never regret wearing them. Follow these steps on how to look cool and confident wearing braces.

Living with Braces

3 Cara untuk agar Terlihat Keren dengan Kawat Gigi

Receive your braces. Wearing braces is a great thing—not because of how braces look or how it feels to wear them, but because of the results you’ll get. When you wear braces, it shows others that you care about your appearance and are working to improve it. Remember that once the treatment is complete, you will have a neat smile on your face.

3 Cara untuk agar Terlihat Keren dengan Kawat Gigi

Choose the color of the braces that are not too flashy. If your braces are regular braces, think about the rubber you will choose. Avoid bright colors like orange, green, yellowish red, bright blue, purple, etc. Rubber like this is more likely to look flashy. Also avoid clear colored rubber, because it tends to get stained easily. Use black, gray, and silver. These colors are the least flashy and won’t stain easily.

Try different colors. You’ll know after a while which color looks best on you.

If you’re going to use two or more colors, make sure the colors are in the same group (warm/cool) and don’t collide with each other.

3 Cara untuk agar Terlihat Keren dengan Kawat Gigi

Consider asking about other styles of braces. If you really don’t like the regular braces you’ve got, ask your orthodontist about other types of braces. Some of the types of braces you can choose from include:

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Ceramic Braces: These braces are the same size as regular braces, except that they match the color of your teeth.

Lingual Braces: These braces are located on the inside of the teeth so they are not visible. Be aware that these braces tend to be more uncomfortable at first, and can be more painful.

Invisalign : this is not a type of braces. These are custom-made mouth guards that will flatten your teeth in two years or more. Invisalign will not work for serious dental problems.

3 Cara untuk agar Terlihat Keren dengan Kawat Gigi

Don’t be shy! Keep smiling, and hold your head high. A friendly face and positive attitude will have far more impact on your appearance than your braces will make. Be who you really are; that’s what matters.

Don’t mutter on purpose or try to keep your mouth shut. People can misunderstand and think you’re shy or don’t want to talk to them.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene

3 Cara untuk agar Terlihat Keren dengan Kawat Gigi

Have an oral care routine. Wearing braces isn’t just about having something in your mouth that will strengthen your teeth. Wearing braces is all about getting used to taking care of your teeth. If you maintain good oral hygiene, your braces will have a much more positive impact on your final appearance.

3 Cara untuk agar Terlihat Keren dengan Kawat Gigi

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Always brush your teeth in the morning and at night. It is very important to remove all the small bits of food that can get stuck between your teeth because of your braces. For a much cleaner mouth, try using an electric toothbrush, along with a mouthwash and dental floss.

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If you can’t brush your teeth, use a mouthwash. Whenever you’re not at home, but you want to have a clean and perfect smile: use a mouthwash. This will refresh you and will help freshen your breath.

3 Cara untuk agar Terlihat Keren dengan Kawat Gigi

Use dental floss every day. Don’t forget to clean your teeth with dental floss. Using dental floss will not only make your mouth feel and look cleaner; This will help prevent inflammation and gum diseases such as gingivitis. Using dental floss is important when you wear braces. Flossing can be difficult, but it can be less hassle if you use wax-coated floss or toothpicks.

3 Cara untuk agar Terlihat Keren dengan Kawat Gigi

Strictly follow a diet in the form of foods that you can consume. If you make progress, your orthodontist may be able to remove your braces faster! Don’t eat sticky food. Sticky food can get stuck in your braces, and they won’t look good.

Focusing Attention on Other Parts

3 Cara untuk agar Terlihat Keren dengan Kawat Gigi

Change appearance. If you wear accessories or go bold, you may be able to distract people from your mouth. Think about the things you’ve always wanted to try: a new hairstyle, a new dress, a new accessory. Yes, these things might catch people’s attention—but if you’re really sincere in expressing yourself, the attention won’t be negative.

3 Cara untuk agar Terlihat Keren dengan Kawat Gigi

Wear accessories. Try wearing an attractive hat, a pair of sunglasses, or a scarf. Wear different styles of clothes, and try out new trends. Wear a t-shirt that is different from your usual appearance. Wear temporary tattoos, and use jewelry to distract from your braces.

3 Cara untuk agar Terlihat Keren dengan Kawat Gigi

Wear makeup and hairstyles to distract from your braces. Style your hair in a new and exciting hairstyle—or get your hair cut in a bold style. Wear eye-catching colored eye makeup.

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Apply glitter or dramatic eyeshadow. Eye shadow will draw attention from your mouth to your eyes. But don’t use too much!

Avoid wearing light colored lipstick. It will draw everyone’s attention to your mouth.

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